About Us

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Music preceded cooking for Paul and Bonnie Morris, the husband and wife team behind Whole Note Food Company.  Both music lovers, they first got to know each other as singers and guitar players in a church musical group. 

After Paul was diagnosed with celiac disease eleven years ago, he set about trying to recreate, gluten-free, the tastes and textures of baked goods that were now off limits to him.  He wanted foods that were as delicious as the “real thing”, nutritious, mostly whole-grain, and easy to prepare.  It took years, but he kept at it (celiac is permanent, after all), combining his scientific background with a creative passion for good food.  Finally, even the pickiest eaters in the family started preferring his recipes to the traditional, wheat-based versions.

They shared their mixes with others who needed gluten-free options, including the families of autistic children at a school where Bonnie was working.  Everyone loved the mixes and wanted more, with many asking if it could somehow be available for purchase. Whole Note was started to meet these needs—with foods that delight—and is now a rapidly growing family business.  What they did not anticipate is how many non-gluten-free people would also choose the products, just because of the flavor and whole-grain nutrition!