The two mixes I have tried from Whole Note are really good! And I’m very picky when it comes to #glutenfree. Two thumbs up!!
— @amythefamilychef

I have celiac, is this gluten-free?”
(Comes back looking very concerned)
“Are you *sure* this is gluten-free??
— Customer at a demo

These are excellent! I’d never guess they were gluten-free and whole-grain. And by the way, I’m a pastry chef, so that means something.
— Jason

Oh, wow ... that’s the best pumpkin muffin I’ve ever had! If the gluten-free version is anywhere near this good, they’ve really got something!”

”... That is the gluten-free version!
— Nancy and Linda

That’s the best pancake I’ve ever had!
— Non-gluten-free customer

I made the last crust following your instructions to the letter, and it turned out just great—miles better than any gluten-free pizza I have ever had before. My 10-year-old with gluten problems is happily devouring it as I write, and she is normally quite picky.
— Nicole

The pancakes were whole grain but fluffy and delicious, and none of us thought they tasted gluten free!
— Jean

This [waffle] is better than Christmas!
— Customer at a Demo