by Jodie Navarre

You will need:
– 2 to 2-1/2 lbs of russet potatoes
– Salt
– 1-1/2 cups Whole Note Multi-Purpose Flour Blend
– 1 large egg

1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add uncut and unpeeled potatoes (this will keep the potatoes from absorbing the water and changing the texture of the gnocchi).
2. Reduce heat to medium and let potatoes cook until tender. This will take about 30 - 40 minutes, you can check the tenderness with a knife or fork.
3. Drain (can save this water to cook the gnocchi later) and peel potatoes before they fully cool. Then use a ricer or potato masher to mash the potatoes until there are no lumps left.
4. Lay all the mashed potatoes on a hard and flat surface to begin mixing with the other ingredients. Top with flour, 2 teaspoons salt and egg (you can beat egg before adding it on top)
5. Knead dough for a few minutes, adding more flour if needed. You can break off a small piece and drop it in boiling water, once it floats it is finished. Try it out, if the texture isn't right then knead a little longer.
6. Break apart a handful of the dough and roll out into a rope. Cut rope into 1/2 inch pieces (can be slightly smaller or larger, whichever you prefer but they will get slightly larger once cooked).
7. Take each piece of gnocchi and roll along the backside of a fork to form the texture similar to the picture.
8. Arrange finished gnocchi on parchment paper lined with a little flour and begin dropping into boiling water (anywhere between medium and high temperature). Once gnocchi floats, pull out and add to the sauce of your choice. You will probably need to do a few batches cooking the gnocchi.
9. Enjoy and show us your gnocchi on social media using #wholenotegf!