Lemon Ginger Scones

by Kristina Wolter

Makes 8 large scones

You will need:
– 1 package of Whole Note Lemon Ginger Muffin Mix
– 1 egg
– 4 tbs oil
– 1/4 cup of milk
– 1 tbs lemon juice
– Optional: Milk and sugar for glazing tops of scones

Preheat oven to 350º.

1. Mix wet ingredients in a bowl. Add dry muffin mix.
2. Combine the above and mix into a ball of dough.
3. Gently pat dough into a 1 inch circle on a sheet of parchment paper.
4. Cut circle into 8 wedges.
5. Place each wedge on a parchment lined cookie sheet (1 inch apart). 
6. Optional: Brush the top of each scone with milk and sprinkle a pinch of sugar on top.
7. Bake 18-20 minutes until edges are golden brown.